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Radio Shalom Montreal Defends Israeli Consul

In response to a scathing letter published internationally by French commentator Dora Marrache and comments made by French contributors Guy Hadad and Eric Le Ray, the leadership of Radio Shalom Montreal has released an official statement. Last week, Marrache and company, upset that their pro-Israel activities were not recognized by Israeli Consul General Joel Lion, […]

Australian Govt Launches Religious Sex Abuse Inquiry

Manny Waks, himself an alleged victim of sexual abuse as a pupil at the Melbourne Yeshiva, has welcomed a Victorian parliamentary investigation into criminal abuse by all religious entities. Premier Ted Baillieu told media  that “we regard child abuse as abhorrent”. The investigation will cover all religions and will be given the power to make […]

Pollard to Stay in Prison: Obama Administration

The Obama administration has said “no” to releasing Jonathan Pollard from prison. The decision is final “at this point, drug ” according to Israeli sources. Israel will not tell the US when to release Pollard, check Israel Radio quoted US officials as saying Tuesday. However, online Israeli sources believe that the US position may be […]

Sometimes we have to clarify information

As a journalist you rely on your sources to provide you with the full and accurate information, then you take this information, process it and report it. Sometimes in the rush to get things out, you miss a few nuances in the conversation. So allow me to clarify then situation regarding the firings of most […]

Pollard Rushed to Hospital – Prayers Needed

Jonathan Pollard, convicted of spying for Israel and serving a life sentence without parole for 26 years, was rushed to a hospital emergency room near his Butner, North Carolina penitentiary early Friday after suffering from extreme pain, sources close to him said Friday. Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yonah Metzger called upon Jews around the world to […]

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