Video: Concordia University Israel Apartheid Event Peacefully Disrupted by Pro-Israel Protestors

A Concordia University Israel Apartheid Week event entitled “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine: A Never Ending Resistance” was disrupted on Thursday evening by a peaceful protest when two men wearing Israeli flags entered the event chanting and blocking a projector displaying a short movie.

The event was put on by the Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights Concordia, a subgroup of the Concordia Student Union.

The men were immediately surrounded by organizers of the event who asked them to leave. Demanding equal time, the organizers agreed that the men would be allowed to sit in the audience and observe the event and would be free to ask questions during question period. The men sat in the fourth row, still draped in their Israeli flags.

The moderator of the event, however, refused to continue until the men left, so organizers called security to escort the men out of the event.

This reporter filmed the entire disruption and was approached by security and asked to leave. This reporter questioned security as to why he would have to leave, as he was not involved in the disruption and was merely doing his job as a journalist recording the event, security allowed him to stay.

After gathering the footage needed for his report, this reporter left the event and was followed by event organizers who tracked him to a classroom where he was taking a course.

Security waited outside the classroom until the end of class and demanded that this reporter identify himself and produce identification. Two organizers of the event were standing nearby recording the transaction. This reporter produced his student identification card and clearly, for a second time identified himself as a reporter for The Montreal Jewish News.

This reporter was asked repeatedly who informed him of the disruption, his response was that newspapers are informed of many things and sometimes send reporters out to cover them. This reporter was informed that an official complaint was being filed against him. When asked what the infraction that was the basis of the complaint would be, no answer was given.

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