The 100-day solution is as divided as the USA when it comes to President Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Marking the symbolic first 100 days of President Donald Trump as a success or failure depends on the source. The president feels it has been the most productive first 100 days ever.

“By ever,” said an inside source from the White House, “he means further back than when this country had a President. He means all of them put together, too, all of the American Presidents and the ones before there was an America. It’s clear to me.”

An opposite opinion comes from Erland Mortley, a liberal blogger, who writes, “Trump has done nothing. It will take him seven hundred days and thirty days to do anything and if you do that math, that is half of his term. At that point, we will start counting again, even if only one thing gets done, one thing which for sure won’t be any thing good for our country.”

Even some supporters, however, are saying that due to Trump’s inexperience in any elected position, it will take more than one hundred days for him to accomplish anything.

“The more hundred days there are the more things for Trump to accomplish,” said Ernie Killobrand, who campaigned and voted for Trump and still eats Trump-brand steaks. Every day the guy gets up and puts on a great suit and tie and he works and works and all that work makes for stuff done.”

The polls continue to show President Trump’s popularity sinking but they also show that 96 percent of those who voted for him would do it again.

“I’d vote for him ten times again,” said Margaret Blushbard but he would be too old by then. I’m just saying that if there was ten more times to vote for Trump I would do it all ten times. And if there were eleven times … “ She went on to count the times up until 50 that she would vote for Trump, which is representative of those who said they are not disappointed through the first 100 days.

Eckstein Wilderbranch, an historian of U.S. Presidents, said, “The idea of loyalty for whom one votes is dramatic when it comes to the people who can vote. In fact, it also goes for the illegal voters. A poll of a thousand illegal voters recently revealed that ninety-six percent of illegal voters would vote illegally again for the same candidate, especially if they are paid to do so.”

What about Russia?

Vick Riles, whose real name is secret since he is a spy, said that Russians feel the same loyalty. “I asked many people on the streets of Moscow,” Riles told me, “and they all said they would have voted for Trump and hope that the Kremlin votes for him for a second term even more than it did the first time.”

Democrats are celebrating the 40-percent overall ranking the President is getting, even though the President calls that number false.

“Trump,” said Democratic strategist Biff Forward, who has worked for every Democrat President he can still remember by name. “Truman once said to me, ‘Biff, are you gonna be long?’ when I was using the Oval Office bathroom. That was an important moment in my life and in his term, seeing as he was concerned with his constituency, not his own regularity. His polls were high and that is just one reason for those numbers.”

The 100-day measuring stick, according to Presidential experts, was not random. The press thought for a long time before it came up with a number that could represent a good time to evaluate a new President’s value.

According to the Jerry Mandering book titled “A Hundred Ways To Evaluate A U.S. President,” newspaper people across the country argued for many different lengths of time to judge his performance after the inauguration of a new President. From that book comes this passage:

“The Courier-Journal-Messenger of Alabama first thought of using 14 days but the editor of the Tacoma News & Telegraph thought that two weeks was not fair. He suggested a month but the staff at the Saratoga Mirror reflected on that and thought it would be best for two months. By that time, most newspaper reporters around the country lost count of the number of days in two months and those who could count them said that two months would be fair if Saturdays and Sundays were not counted. But the Hartford Smart Reader staff claimed that a President worked some time during Saturdays and Sundays and those weekend days need to be counted in the two months.”

Credit for the 100-day measure is often given to Rags “Buffalo” Crasslove, a reporter from Michigan who decided on his own to use 100 days. The story goes that Rags published a story using the time span and everyone who was arguing for one span or another said they liked it and accepted it.

“All in all,” wrote Jerry Mandering, “history decides the worth of a President in the last ten or so hours of a first term. Even if he is re-elected, his second term is a waste and most journalists have decided his worth. As it has been, though, newly elected Presidents like the hundred days if things got done and hate the idea if the days don’t produce.”

Newt Gingrich was unavailable for comment.



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