Jared and Ivanka Get a Second ‘Shabbat Pass’ to Fly with The President

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have reportedly received a ‘Shabbat Pass’ so that they can accompany President Donald Trump on Airforce One for his Europe and Middle East Presidential Tour.

Politico has reported that a White House official said that the Kushners, ‘Orthodox’ Jews, received Rabbinic dispensation to fly with the President. The article does not name the Offical nor the Rabbi who granted the dispensation.

According to Orthodox Jewish practice, on Shabbat it is prohibited to work or to use any type of motorized travel, electricity or fire.

On the presidential visit, Trump and his delegation are scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Belgium. Trump is scheduled to land in Israel on Monday.

With files from JTA

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