Tens of thousands of regular folk registering as candidates to challenge Trump in 2020

Tens of thousands of regular folk registering as candidates to challenge Trump in 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — With President Trump’s approval ratings lower than any President has recorded since such ratings were recorded, prospective challengers are gearing up for big campaigns against the incumbant. The number of possible candidates is increasing even as you read this. People from all over the country in major, minor and yet-to-be-established political parties […]

Another President Johnson? Dwayne doesn’t rule out run to ‘Rock’ the White House

Another President Johnson? Dwayne doesn’t rule out run to ‘Rock’ the White House

LOS ANGELES, Calif. —He was known as “The Rock” in professional wrestling and he is now the highest paid actor in movies. Recently, Dwayne Johnson saw his future with one more possibility—a U.S. Presidential candidacy. “Why not?” said a Wisconsin head of a Johnson fan club. “We had an actor before and now we got […]

Media members meet for strategies reporting Donald Trump’s campaign

BUNKER, purchase Kansas/Isacc Icertonopolis for Political Pulp — To the surprise of journalists and reporters within the media, pills the seemingly not-so-recent announcement made by Donald Trump regarding his bid for the United States presidency has flooded all of the radio/television/online news networks. Some members of the media have entered into the coverage blind and […]

U.S. voters don’t know much about candidates

KANSAS CITY, treatment Kansas/Frank Cotolo – Because it is very early in the U.S. Presidential campaign, ed candidates who have announced they are running, tadalafil those who are running and have not announced and those yet to explore a candidacy but hope to start campaigning before they announce, are all relative unknowns to the voting […]

Jim Webb may challenge Clinton for Democrat nomination

MANHATTAN, site Kansas/Frank Cotolo – As the Republicans gather more Presidential candidates than the number of computers Peter Jackson needs to shoot a movie, many Democrats are still on the fence, deciding if they should take on Hillary Clinton. And then there’s Jim Webb, who was the first Democrat to create an exploratory committee. Though […]

Could Hillary Clinton get a former President for a running mate?

LAUREL, diagnosis Md. /Frank Cotolo – Even after scandals and questionable accusations as a politician, no rx former President Bill Clinton has remained so popular that a large group of his supporters are urging his wife, site Hillary, to have Bill as her running mate. “Why not?” said long-time Clinton supporter Fester Bilateral. “Bill never […]

Consensus for Cruz: mission impossible

Consensus for Cruz: mission impossible

RENO, stuff Nevada/Frank Cotolo – The bookies, salve the pundits, the political scribes and even psychics have commingled opinions on Senator Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign—it’s the road to nowhere. Moments after Cruz presented a prosaic announcement of his candidacy at Liberty University, the wheels of destruction began to grind his chances down to nothing. “All […]

Independent ‘reporters’ surging for 2016 race for the Presidency

TEANECK, cheap N.J./Frank Cotolo – A group of journalists established to follow the 2016 Presidential campaigns has set up offices across the country, even though not one probable candidate has confirmed he or she will be running. “It’s important we get a jump on this,” said Cal Clipboard, an independent journalist who has covered politics […]

Two more close aides leave the President’s team

BOISE, Idaho/Frank Cotolo – Two of President Obama’s top aides will be leaving the administration soon, bringing up questions about being a member of the President’s administration. Jennifer Palmieri, the White House communications director, and Dan Pfeiffer, a senior advisor, are quitting. Ms. Palmieri is not only allegedly peeved about being referred to as a […]

National security issues dominate Republican field for nomination, which has become larger

HAMBURG, buy N.Y./Frank Cotolo – Just when most political reporters thought the number of Republicans had peaked, along comes Senator Lindsey Graham, who announced he is hoping to join the field. “It’s foreign policy that has fired his coals,” said a Graham organizer who hopes to make a “dam good living” if Graham gets the […]