Exclusive: U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a robot, according to A.I. specialists

Exclusive: U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a robot, according to A.I. specialists

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s an outrageous theory, as easily as it could be confirmed, but a few so-called “artificial intelligence” (AI) experts claim that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a robot. “We have been studying Rex a long time,” says Sam Sinicule, one of the authors of the robot theory. “Even before he became […]

Proponents push gigantic project to build a wall around all American borders

Proponents push gigantic project to build a wall around all American borders

SANTA FE, N.M. — As the funding for President Trump’s wall across the border of the U.S. and Mexico continues to find sources, a growing group of people are pushing for a bigger, longer, more inclusive wall, one that would literally be built along the borders of the entire country. “No one gets in or […]

Media members meet for strategies reporting Donald Trump’s campaign

BUNKER, purchase Kansas/Isacc Icertonopolis for Political Pulp — To the surprise of journalists and reporters within the media, pills the seemingly not-so-recent announcement made by Donald Trump regarding his bid for the United States presidency has flooded all of the radio/television/online news networks. Some members of the media have entered into the coverage blind and […]

Military coup of Texas rumor grows to alien-invasion predictions

HOUSTON, decease Texas/Frank Cotolo – The U.S. military’s training exercise, help called “Jade Helm 15, shop ” is an annual major event near west Texas. But this year some savvy politicians and pedestrians say they have uncovered what Jade Helm 15 is truly all about, which is far more than originally thought. The rumors were […]

Women of popular song take popular causes to Washington

CHEVY CHASE, cialis Md. /Frank Cotolo – People were second-guessing themselves in Washington, patient D.C. last week, thinking they may have seen aged famous women that are not politicians. If you were around the capital last week and you thought you saw an aging Barbra Streisand, Cyndi Lauper or Judy Collins, you were correct because […]

Consensus for Cruz: mission impossible

Consensus for Cruz: mission impossible

RENO, stuff Nevada/Frank Cotolo – The bookies, salve the pundits, the political scribes and even psychics have commingled opinions on Senator Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign—it’s the road to nowhere. Moments after Cruz presented a prosaic announcement of his candidacy at Liberty University, the wheels of destruction began to grind his chances down to nothing. “All […]

Giuliani’s love of America may exceed all Presidents put together, say some

MANHATTAN, no rx Kansas/Frank Cotolo – The current remarks by Rudy Giuliani about President Obama’s lack of love for America came under the gun by many Democrats and Liberals. However, stomach the former Presidential candidate and mayor of New York through the 911 experience has picked up a lot of support from the author of […]

Two more close aides leave the President’s team

BOISE, Idaho/Frank Cotolo – Two of President Obama’s top aides will be leaving the administration soon, bringing up questions about being a member of the President’s administration. Jennifer Palmieri, the White House communications director, and Dan Pfeiffer, a senior advisor, are quitting. Ms. Palmieri is not only allegedly peeved about being referred to as a […]

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